A/C Replacement Services Dallas Fort-Worth

Sometimes, a repair is not enough to help get your air conditioner back up and running. You may have a unit that is too old to salvage, with no option for inexpensive or available parts. You may also have an A/C system that is cost-prohibitive. In this case a new system would quickly pay for itself, due to energy savings and efficiency gains.

Although many homeowners view A/C replacement as Plan B, replacement can be a wise investment. After all, replacing an aging or broken unit can often save you money each month, give you piece of mind, and do a small part in saving the environment. Read below for insight on when you may need a new air conditioner.

A/C Replacements vs. Repair

If your air conditioning unit breaks down, your first choice is typically to have it repaired. If the unit has significant damage or if it is an older unit, you might not be able to afford the work. Lex Air offers financing (with approved credit), and in these cases, it is important to consider the possibility of a full replacement. You may be able to get a new unit for less than the cost of a year’s worth of repairs.

Full A/C Installation

An ideal A/C system installation would start with a Manual J load calculation to properly size the equipment based on the building envelope heat load. Next we would select the proper equipment and based on the selection we could use Manual D to size the duct and ensure proper air delivery throughout your home. Most existing duct in a residence is undersized by the builder and would prove to be too small as a result of our calculations.  However, we understand everyone lives on a budget and sometimes a homeowner cannot afford to address everything all at once. Whatever the situation, we will tailor our replacement proposal to fit your needs.

Making a Change

If selling a home, newer AC units are increasingly on many home buyers’ wish lists.

One common reason to replace an air conditioning unit is to fit it to your home. Although many older units can and do serve a purpose, there are many homes in Dallas that have units far too small to keep the home cool. Just as common are units that are oversized. An undersized unit will obviously not keep up in extreme temperatures, but an oversized unit creates its own set of problems such as excessive cycling, poor humidity control, and poor indoor air quality. A properly sized replacement can easily help you save money over the course of the year, not to mention keep your house much more comfortable and protect your family from indoor air quality problems.

A/C Efficiency

The air conditioning industry is constantly changing. Year after year efficiency standards improve, increasing the minimum requirements for A/C efficiency.

Air Conditioning units have efficiency standards measured by SEER and are regulated by the U.S Department of Energy. 13 SEER is the minimum efficiency for new A/C units manufactured in 2013, however it will be rising in January of 2015 to 14 SEER. If your current A/C system is operating at 10 SEER, you could save around 30% on your monthly electric bill by upgrading to a 16 SEER system.  The final dollar amount of these savings will only increase as the price per Kw/Hour of energy increases in the future.

Newer high efficiency equipment use variable-speed and/or two-speed cooling technology to meet the demands of your residence at a specific moment in time. Standard efficiency equipment runs at full blast any time it turns on, which can waste a lot of energy on milder days.  Installing high efficiency equipment will help to lower utility bills and operating costs, and will keep you and your family much more comfortable as well.  Maintenance costs can even drop when an A/C unit functions more efficiently.

Lex Air Installs New Air Conditioners for Dallas Residents

Investing in a new air conditioning unit with Lex Air offers many benefits:

  • Free home estimates, on site, and anywhere in Dallas Fort-Worth
  • Same day installation when possible
  • Ten year parts and extended labor warranties available
  • A/C system analysis determines if replacement or repair is more cost-effective and when a return on investment can be realized
  • Disposal and removal of old A/C unit at no extra cost
  • Lex Air installers are certified by The State of Texas
  • Financing and specials available make Lex Air an affordable option
  • Lex Air Conditioning offers replacement options for any budget