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Lex Air Conditioning and Heating performs routine maintenance services on AC units in Coppell, TX. Regular, professional service on HVAC systems can save money in the short run because it will help your unit run at maximum efficiency (saving money on your electric bill). Maintenance also saves money in the long run – you won’t have to repair or replace your as often with routine maintenance.

Despite regular maintenance, problems do happen. Lex Air Conditioning and Heating offers same day AC repairs and 24/7 service for all residents and businesses in Coppell, TX. We serve all zip codes in the city: 75019 and 75099 from our headquarters in Carrollton, only 15 minutes away.

Better to Prepare than Repair

Trane-XV20i-1With 40,000 people living in Coppell today and 6.7 million living in the greater Dallas/Ft. Worth region, if even just 1 percent of air conditioners break down at the beginning of the heat season, you could be competing with 67,000 other homeowners for the attention of a great repair service.

Whether it’s October or June, the time to think about making sure your air conditioning unit is in top shape is now.

In fact, it’s probably better to have a Coppell air conditioning service provider come to your home to check on your AC unit in fall, winter or even early spring, long before you really need to cool your home.

Imagine turning the AC on in late May or early June and finding that it doesn’t work. Just get ready to wait in line because you can rest assured that other homeowners already are calling Coppell air conditioning companies to get their units repaired. It won’t be easy – to say the least – to live here without air conditioning for a few days or even weeks while you wait for the repairman.

DIY Tips to Keep Your AC Unit in Great Condition

Benjamin Franklin said it best: an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Read below for some tips on how to keep your unit in great shape so that you may not have to call upon a Coppell AC repair service.

  • Change the unit’s air filter monthly. This is easy to do. Changing the filter regularly can lower your AC unit’s electricity use by between five and 15 percent (according to the U.S. Department of Energy). Swapping out the old filter for a new one helps keep your unit efficient because a clogged/dirty filter blocks air flow. If dirty air gets past the filter (which it will if the filter becomes filled with dirt), it can move into the unit’s evaporator coil, reducing the coil’s ability to absorb heat and keep your home cool.
  • Get a cap from your neighborhood hardware store and place it on the end of your AC unit’s drain. Once it’s capped, head outside to find the end of the drain and use a dry vacuum to suck dirt out. Make sure you take the cap off once you’ve vacuumed.
  • Clean your air conditioner’s coils (make sure you disconnect the power to the unit first). Take a hose and wet the unit. Put on gloves and safety glasses and spray some commercial grade AC cleaner onto the coils. Let it set for a bit, then rinse thoroughly with the garden hose.

About Coppell

Coppell, TX is located in northwest Dallas County, five miles from the Dallas-Ft. Worth International Airport and 15 miles from Dallas Love Field Airport. Surrounded by major regional freeways such as I.H. 635, I.H. 35 E, Highway 161 and the S.H. 114/121, these assets make Coppell easily accessible to any place in the Metroplex and anywhere in the world.

Coppell offers citizens an excellent quality of life; safe neighborhoods, superb park system, an award-winning Aquatic and Recreation Center, unique shopping and dining in Old Town Coppell, and so much more. Make Coppell your Family Community For A Lifetime!

Coppell is known for its family friendly location and environment. Since the opening of the Dallas/Fort Worth airport, Coppell has seen its identity shift from a small farming town to an upper middle class family community. Of the Dallas suburbs Coppell holds the closest proximity to Dallas/Fort Worth airport.

Residents are served by one of three school districts: Coppell Independent School District (CISD), Carrollton-Farmers Branch ISD and the Lewisville ISD. All schools located in CISD are rated ‘Exemplary” by the Texas Education Agency in 2008. The Coppell ISD was ranked #1 in the United States for its music program. Coppell High School’s news program, KCBY-TV has received numerous awards for its programming and broadcasting, which has led to a recent grant to the television station in the amount of $500,000. Coppell has more than ideal education opportunities for young families to send their youth to that will keep your family comfortable and safe in Coppell for years to come.

Food, food, food. Being founded as a small farming town, Coppell is home to the acclaimed Coppell Farmers Market. From meat, to veggies, to homemade pies, this farmers market has it all. Along with being family friendly and fairly priced this has been a hot destination spot for residents for the last decade. Events include Oak Fest, Music in the Park, and a Halloween movie night in the Square, Coppell has some of the best family friendly activities in Texas.

Coppell is home to over 15 public parks and trails where there is sports activities, playgrounds, trails, ponds and more. When that special birthday comes around you can rent out a pavilion for over 50 people with picnic tables in aprivate setting. One of the more unique outdoor activities in Coppell is its hiking trails. With over 7 miles of hiking paths and trails, it is the perfect place to exercise, take a family hike or walk the dog on that perfect Sunday afternoon.

With a crime rate of 86. your family couldn’t be any safer in a Texas suburb. Coppell has been ranked #1 for Best Place to Live to Avoid a Natural Disaster and the #4 Best City for Thanksgiving and Relocation.

Coppell is home to a variety of well-known athletes and politicians. Most notably it is home to Dallas Cowboys 8x Pro Bowl Tight end: Jason Witten. Along with Witten some of the neighbors include: The Director of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, Kelli Finglass and a member of the Texas House of Representatives, Bennett Ratliff.

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