We are most definitely in cooler weather season and now it is time to start warming up our homes by putting our heating systems to work. Since we are already well into fall, most homeowners have already gone through the process of starting up their heating system and making sure that it is in proper working order.

If you have not done so, fire up that system, because you won’t want to be caught without heat once the Texas air gets really chilly. Once you do start your heating system, keep an eye out for these common problems as it runs the first few days.

Areas of the House Are Not Heating

One common problem with modern heaters is that they unevenly spread out heat in the home. We have all experienced the situation where the bedroom is well heated, yet the living room is experiencing low heating sensations. This is never a fun situation, but luckily, it is not one that is too complex for a Carrollton homeowner.

If you notice your heating system having this problem, the first step towards a solution is to check the air filters for any dust or debris that might be causing any blockage. If, after you have cleared out your air filters and the problem persists, give your local air conditioning and heating repair company a call to come examine your unit.

Heating in Cold Room FailsCold Air Is Blowing Out of the Heater

If your heating unit is blowing out cold air, the first place to look is the thermostat and making sure that it is set to the right temperature to heat up your house. Also, check to see that your unit is turned on to “Auto” and not “Fan On.” The “Fan On” selection will have your fan blowing but not producing any heat.

One possible way to test this issue is to turn your thermostat up and see if there is a difference. Problems like this are usually caused by dirty air filters, leaky ducts, a malfunctioning pilot light, or lack of power.

Do You Smell Something Burning?

If you turn on your heater and smell a faint toasty aroma, that is usually dust burning up from the heating system not being in use for a year or so. However, if you continue to smell a strong burnt smell or see that your heater is smoking, this is a sign that something is very wrong.

Unplug your heater immediately and call your local HVAC repair company to have them come out for an inspection.

Lex Air Conditioning and Heating Keeps Your Family Warm this Season

If you have turned your heater on to some foul surprises, fear not this Halloween, call Lex Air Conditioning and Heating. When your unit isn’t working in the way that it should for your house, our licensed experts will be able to find the problem and solve it for you.

Our services come with a quick response, quality work, and at a fair price. Call us today for more information on a free quote.

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