Poor indoor air quality is a rapidly growing problem in Little Elm, Texas, and across the nation. According to The Environmental Protection Agency, the air you breathe indoors could be severely more polluted than anything you’re breathing outside. If you’re suffering from the effects of poor air quality, now is the time to look into the benefits of a whole-home air purifier.

Fewer Allergens and Contaminants

One of the key benefits of an air purifier is the removal of allergens and contaminants from the air you breathe. An air purifier works by filtering out up to 99 percent of toxins from the air. Whole-home units are typically connected to the HVAC system, removing contaminants and allergy-causing particles from the air as it moves through the unit and is heated or cooled. As a result, you and your family can breathe clean, healthy air.

Healthier Air

The quality of the air you breathe can impact how you feel on a daily basis. Polluted air can lead to health symptoms like congestion, eye irritation, sore throats and coughing. Health conditions like asthma and COPD can be worsened by dirty air. Over the long term, air quality has also been linked to an increased risk of respiratory disease, heart problems, and certain types of cancer. By using an air purifier, you may be able to reduce these risks.

Reduced Symptoms

Many of the symptoms you experience as a result of exposure to polluted air are similar to the symptoms of colds and allergies. If you notice that you tend to feel sick when you wake up in the morning, but feel fine as you go about the day, the air quality in your home could be to blame.

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