Staying Cool in Little Elm, TX

While it’s hard to break the numbers down locally, nationwide the average cost to run an air conditioner is about $280 and comes to about 16 percent of the average homeowner’s electric bill.

But there’s more to just the cost in dollars, there’s the cost in carbon emissions that your Little Elm air conditioning unit emits each time you turn it on.

Air conditioners run on electricity and that power often comes from a power plant that burns natural gas, coal or oil to generate the electricity. Burning these fossil fuels releases Co2 into the air, which is contributing to climate change.

How To Reduce Air Conditioning Costs

  • Each degree higher you raise your AC unit’s temperature means it will use from 1-3 percent less electricity.
  • Aim to keep your air conditioner set no lower than 78 degrees F. If you’re used to having it set at 72 or 74 degrees F, this could come as something of a shock as you adjust, but you will adjust. (Perhaps knowing that keeping your AC set at 72 degrees F could increase the cost to cool your home by 12 to 47 percent! Yowza! 78 degrees is sounding a lot more “cooler” now, isn’t it?)
  • If you feel uncomfortable going from, for example, 74 to 78 degrees quickly, just raise it two degrees, to 76 degrees F.
  • Look into getting a programmable thermostat. Doing so will let you control both your cooling in summer and heating in winter much more efficiently. As an example, if you’re out of the house between 7:30 a.m. and 5;30 p.m. (commuting time and work hours), program your unit so that the AC is off for those hours, programming it to come back on an hour or so before you’re expected home. You’ll save considerably on electricity costs, you won’t be spewing carbon into the air to cool an empty house, and your home will be cool and comfortable for when you are home.
  • Consider ditching the central air and using window AC units. This way you can cool only those rooms that you actually use when you actually use them. You can find programmable window units; ask your Little Elm air conditioning service for suggestions.
  • If you haven’t already, install ceiling fans in the rooms you use the most (bedrooms, living rooms/family rooms). Ceiling fans don’t use much electricity and the additional circulation they provide allow you to keep your AC unit set at a higher temperature.
  • Turn the AC off and see how well you do living with just large fans blowing. reports that even a large fan running 24 hours a day only uses 2 kWh of electricity while a central air conditioning unit can use as much as 84 kWh!

We’re certainly not advocating that you never use your air conditioning unit; it can and does become unbearably hot and sticky here in the summer.  We’re just suggesting that there are ways to save money, save electricity and help save the planet by trying some new cooling techniques.

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If you want a lake lifestyle, Little Elm is for you! Little Elm is no longer a hidden treasure, but it has taken steps to retain our small-town charm and lakeside character.

Our growth has been managed to the point where we can proudly state that though our neighborhoods have grown and the population has dramatically increased, we can still have that feeling of a nostalgic community of yesteryear where everyone pitches in and helps those in need. If you are drawn to small-town charm and love helping your neighbor, Little Elm is the place for you!

Perfect Location

The Town of Little Elm is a city in Denton County, Texas, United States, and a part of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. The population was 3,646 at the 2000 census. By the 2010 census, the city total had jumped to 25,898,making Little Elm one of the fastest growing municipalities in Texas since 2000 in terms of percentage.

Little Elm has more miles of shoreline (66 miles) than any city in DFW! Lakeside amenities off Eldorado Parkway include a cable wake board park, a boat ramp, a massive swim beach, a marina, an amphitheater on the water, and many miles of trail. Other park attractions include the disc golf course at McCord Park on FM 423.


There is year round fun in Little Elm, and not everything involves the lake! Take a walk to many of the local parks and hiking trails located in the heart of the city and breathe in the fresh Texas air.


Three (3) school districts serve Little Elm: Little Elm ISD, Frisco ISD, and Denton ISD. Generally, the U.S. 380 corridor is served by Denton ISD, the FM 423 corridor and east Little Elm by Frisco ISD, and the rest of Little Elm by Little Elm ISD.

Little Elm ISD is one of the fastest growing in Denton County. The school district finished building its athletic stadium in 2006 located at the intersection of Hart Road and Eldorado Parkway. The stadium is also one of the largest in the area.


In 2013, Little Elm was named by the FBI as the 2nd safest city in the nation and the safest city in Texas. The Arbor Day Foundation

designated Little Elm –  a Tree City, USA community for its commitment to urban forestry for 3 straight years (2011-2013). The American Planning Association, Texas Chapter, with an all-time record number of applicants, honored the Town of Little Elm with the Current Planning Award for its 2009 Commercial Design Standards Report.[/lsvr_accordion_item][/lsvr_accordion][/vc_column]

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