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Your air conditioning unit is more than just a tool that keeps you cool, it’s a lifesaver. Modern air conditioning has meant advances in medical technology, reduction in the spread of deadly diseases, a great jump in employee productivity, and a longer life expectancy.

Don’t hesitate when your A/C unit stops working in Frisco, TX. Lex Air Conditioning and Heating offers same day AC installation and repairs. We are only a short drive away from Frisco and serve all city zip codes: 75034 and 75035.

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Fun Facts About Air Conditioning

  • If it wasn’t for your air conditioning unit, you’d probably do as your great-grandparents did: purchase an ice box and have ice delivered regularly for use in the house. In fact, the first AC units sold touted their cooling capabilities based on how much ice you’d need to get the same cooling effect.
  • It may or may not be hotter in Frisco than ever before, but your body truly believes it: scientists believe the (over) use of air conditioning has lowered the human body’s ability to withstand heat.
  • Packard was the first car manufacture to place air conditioning in cars (1939).
  • Willis Carter invented air conditioning in 1902 and the building that’s home to the New York Stock Exchange was the first building in the country to install a unit, just a year later (1903).
  • Fun Facts – and Some History – About Your A/C Unit

    Did you know that air conditioning was first invented in 1902? Amazing isn’t it – we thought that A/C would have been invented closer to World War II, not the turn of the 20th century.

    As one might expect, the first electric fans began to appear in homes in the early 1900’s, shortly after many homes became wired for electricity.

    It was early 1902 when a young (age 25) New York engineer named Willis Carter created the first modern AC system. The system, which blew air through coils cooled by water, actually was designed to help control the humidity in his printing plant.

    It took him two decades, but in 1922, Carter followed up by creating a centrifugal chiller, adding a central compressor that reduced the air conditioning unit’s size.

    Air conditioning received its public debut in 1925, appearing at the Rivoli Theater in NYC’s Times Square.

    Frisco air conditioning didn’t come into full flower until after the 1960’s or so, because air conditioning wasn’t often found in homes until then (and window units came first). But air conditioning did spread relatively quickly in the 1930’s to offices, trains, movie theaters, and department stores (department stores and movie theaters used to use air conditioning as a huge selling point).

    But only about 10 percent of private homes had air conditioning as late as 1965 (according to the Carrier Corporation). Most people living in hot and especially humid regions slept on an outside porch.

    Some other interesting ways to keep cool in Pre-A/C America:

    • Placing underwear in an ice box and then wearing it.
    • Soaking sheets in water and then placing the sheet in front of a fan to send cool air into a room.
    • Opening windows in a basement and on the top floor, encouraging cooler air to move in and hotter air to move out. (This is called the Stack Effect.)
    • Hanging wet towels in a window.

    Yet the number of people living in air conditioned comfort grew from the 10 percent of 1965 to 68 percent just 30 years later (1993) and up to 86 percent by 2007,  with homes in the Southwest and the Sunbelt (including the Dallas/Ft. Worth region) becoming ever more attractive and livable, which in turn encouraged a great deal of migration to these regions from the Northeast.

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