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Lex Air Conditioning and Heating isn’t the only choice in Carrollton, TX for HVAC services, but we do strive to offer the best service. Co-Owners and brothers Cory and Anthony Contreras are heavily involved in the business and learned the trade from their father. In addition to operations, the pair install, maintain and repair equipment for residential and business customers throughout the area.

Over the years, we have expanded our family to a vetted, certified group of HVAC technicians. Like you, we have families in Carrollton and have lived here for years, looking forward to the future growth of the region.

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Carrollton A/C Installation

Trane A/C InstallIn August of 2015, we were brought to a home on the north side of Carrollton, TX. The A/C system was over fifteen years old and was no longer repairable. Providing an estimate to the homeowner, we installed a new Trane central air conditioning system.[/vc_column_text]

  • A/C Repair

    Lex Air repairs all brands and models of heat pumps, A/C condensers and air handlers, all components of a modern central home cooling system. Unlike many other competitors in the area, we put you first. A/C repairs can be a costly expense, and choosing between full replacement of a system or a repair often requires years of experience. At Lex Air, we take repairs seriously, breaking down the costs and benefits of replacement and repair.

  • A/C Tune Up & Maintenance

    We all dread the arrival of the electric bill in August, do you know if you are paying more than you should? If you view your A/C as an appliance that just works, until it doesn’t, you are likely in need of a tune-up and regular maintenance.

    Speak and book a consultation with an experienced HVAC professional at Lex Air. We work with homeowners and businesses in improving the efficiency of HVAC systems, reducing the cost of your next statement!

  • Emergency HVAC Services

    Call and receive a quote 24/7. We don’t just simply advertise 24 hour, seven days a week service, we truly offer it! Talk to an actual Lex Air employee at any hour. Staying cool in Dallas is a necessity. Don’t wait until the next day, get your A/C on and running again.

  • About Carrollton, TX

    The beautiful, thriving city of Carrollton, TX, is ranked 84 out of 100 on livability by AreaVibes. It has been recognized as a Top 100 Place to Live by Relocate America and Money Magazine. Carrollton is both an agricultural and industrial center of activity. With an economy adaptable and welcoming to every kind of educational level and work skill, Carrollton may just be your next home! Here’s why you may want to move to Carrollton, TX.

    Fabulous Location

    Location is said to be the key to any real estate endeavor. If that’s the case, then Carrollton is a choice bit of realty. The city is located on the crossroads of 3 major Texas counties: Dallas, Denton, and Collin.

    However, the population of this 37 square mile city is only a little over 119,000. Lakes dot the entire area, and the surrounding woods are teeming with wildlife. With the subtropical climate, winter usually leaves little impact, while gardeners find the area perfect.

    Somehow, Carrollton has managed to maintain an almost country like setting even though it is part of the biggest Metroplex in the southern U.S. The Dallas/Ft. Worth metro area is over 6.5 million, and is one of the fastest growing areas in the country. The small-town atmosphere, with quick access to Big City life, makes Carrollton the perfect location.

    Something for Everybody

    Carrollton receives an A+ rating on amenities, with convenience and entertainment of all kinds right on your doorstep. There are over 50 parks, libraries, and museums, as well as recreation centers and over 100 golf courses. There are chain restaurants, 25 malls, boutiques, and antiques. Fifty lakes provide plenty of water sports and fishing.

    In addition, the Dallas/Ft. Worth area is just a day trip. Just down the road is the Dallas Galleria. You have access to the symphony, ballet, opera, sports, and every other metropolitan entertainment option without having to deal with the traffic and noise. Plus, those who enjoy an exciting nightlife can find it easily.


    The Dallas Cowboys, Texas Rangers, and Dallas Mavericks call this area home. You can also enjoy the Dallas Zoo, The Fort Worth Zoo, Six Flags Over Texas, the Mesquite Championship Rodeo, and NASCAR at Texas Motor Speedway. Spend the day at the State Fair, or hang out at Hurricane Harbor.

    Great Place for Young Families

    Not only is there plenty to do, the city was voted as one of the Best Texas Cities for Young Families by NerdWallet. It has an excellent school system, with area schools ranking as “Recognized”. There are 17 universities and colleges, and 15 junior colleges only 30 minutes away.

    Great Job Opportunities

    Right now, Carrolton is experiencing an annual population growth of 10.35%. This means that there is construction work as well as expanding employment opportunities. The unemployment rate here is 4.5%, while the national average is 6.3%. The largest employer in the area is Halliburton, followed closely by Hilton, McKesson, and Baylor Medical Center at Carrollton. There are over 5,000 businesses, with 6 other major employers in Carrollton which employ 400 or more people. This is one of the few cities on the map that does not list government and public schools as the leading area employers. This is an area that produces income vs. charge high taxes.

    Besides a great employment rate, Carrollton has the added bonus of nearby employment opportunities in Dallas and Ft. Worth. The close commute makes working in Dallas and living in Carrollton a distinct possibility.

    You Can Afford Carrollton!

    One of the best things about Carrollton is that you can afford to live here! That’s right, this prime real estate, surrounded by sports, education, arts, and everything else you could want – except maybe, an occasional ice storm– makes Carrollton one of the most affordable places to live. The median home value is $158,800, and the median income is $78,601. It is estimated that the monthly cost of owning and operating your home in Carrollton is only $1,512, so property taxes are not outrageous.

    Transportation and Travel

    The Dallas/Ft. Worth International Airport is a major airline hub in Texas, and can bring the world to your door – or take you away for a while. An international airport is a great asset. Not only does it make your own travel much easier, companies are more likely to set up their headquarters in areas that are easier to reach. Hence, international airports are good for the economy.

    Low Crime Rate

    The FBI – yes THE FBI – has ranked Carrollton as one of the safest cities in the country. That is why Forbes magazine ranked this city as one of the best places to move. The high employment rate, plethora of things to do, and high average educational level (1/3 of residents have a Bachelor’s Degree or higher), contribute to the low crime rate.

    So, how about it? Does Carrollton sound like your kind of city? Chances are, yes. Check it out for yourself, and you’ll see that this may be your new home!


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