When winter rears its ugly head in Texas, the nights can get very cold. Our McKinney heating repair service at Lex Air is ready to ensure that your furnace can handle anything that Mother Nature wants to throw at you. Our heating repair service in McKinney TX is available 24/7, even when your furnace doesn’t want to work in the middle of night. Our professional, experienced technicians are licensed and thoroughly trained. We can handle any problem with any make or model of gas or electric furnace.

McKinney Heating Repair Company

Does your furnace not turn on? When was the last time you had it serviced? Both electric and gas furnace systems should be serviced at least once a year. This helps ensure that your heating system is working when you need it most. We also offer our McKinney heating repair service for oil and propane furnaces. Because the spring and fall temperatures are usually fairly warm and summer is humid and hot, many furnaces are only in use for one to three months out of the year. When they sit for the other nine months, you may find that there are repair issues that need to be addressed.

When your furnace has problems, call Lex Air for our heating repair service in McKinney TX. Here are a few of the reasons why our heating repair company in McKinney TX is in high demand:

  • We are family owned and operated.
  • We answer the phone, no matter what day or time it might be. You won’t get an answering machine.
  • We know and work on all brands of furnaces.
  • We offer free estimates.
  • We offer financing through Wells Fargo Financial National Bank.
  • We offers several repair and service call promotions.

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If your furnace is in need of repair, service or maintenance, give Lex Air a call today. We are ready to help you with our McKinney heating repair service.