What is Indoor Air Quality?

Often, we think of the air in our homes as being too hot or too cold. Rarely do we think about moisture – too humid or dry, air circulation or even air quality. Indoor Air Quality or “indoor environmental quality” includes all of these areas. Although temperature is easier to recognize as being uncomfortable, air quality and moisture can cause sickness, long term illnesses and affect general well-being. Keeping an HVAC system well maintained outside and inside a home is critical to ensuring your domain remains pollutant free.

Common Signs of an Indoor Air Quality Problem

  • Stale or stuffy air, common with older homes as a result of poor ventilation
  • Dampness felt on carpet, furniture and in the air. Mold growth on walls or furniture
  • Frequent and severe allergies, complaints of guests
  • Construction or a location in an industrial area
  • Old home or HVAC equipment 20+ years old

These include only the most noticeable signs of an indoor air quality problem, many homeowners deserve a free in home inspection from Lex Air Conditioning and Heating’s certified HVAC specialists. Discover your options and get affordable recommendations for improving your home’s indoor air.

Indoor Air Services

Lex Air’s technicians provide recommendations and installation for affordable air quality improvements including:

  • Air Cleaning Systems
  • Air Ventilation Systems
  • Moisture Control Systems
  • Thermostats & Controls

Rest Easy with Lex Air Conditioning and Heating

Cleaning the indoor air of your home can make a difference both for a good night’s sleep and during the day. Rest easy with Lex Air Conditioning and Heating’s free onsite inspection; call or book online to make an appointment.