Do You Need a Furnace in Dallas?

Dallas IcemageddonWith an average low of 37 degrees Fahrenheit in January and 41 degrees in February, the temperatures in Dallas can – and definitely do – become cold. So cold that ice forms on the windshields of cars left without cover overnight. So cold that frost warnings are not unheard of. So cold that ice storms do make themselves known in a big way from time to time, as evidenced by the ice storm that made Dallas and its road system one big ice rink in the winter of 2013 (“Icemaggedon”).

In other words, when winter is coming– and it will – will your furnace or heat pump be ready?

That’s why it’s wise to bring in an experienced hvac contractor to take a look at your heating equipment before disaster strikes.

Will Your Home Be Ready?

Dallas homes tend to be of more modern construction. Proper insulation isn’t installed that can withstand cold, because too many of us forget it gets below freezing. So if your furnace dies during the coldest part of year, your family could end up very cold indeed, possibly for several hours to even days. And let’s not forget heat pumps, a viable option in the mild Dallas climate to handle heating in winter.

On the other hand, you may not have a dead furnace, but an inefficient one. Not maintaining an electric or gas furnace properly, can be costlier than running air conditioning in the middle of a Dallas summer.

Your Go-To Furnace Maintenance and Repair Company in Dallas, TX

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  • Gas or electric makes no difference. We tame them all.

Dallas is usually fairly warm in spring and fall and is very hot and humid in the summer. As a result, many furnaces are used only for one to three months in a year. Meaning they sit quietly for nine months of the year. Silent and possibly making trouble, when you do turn it on come December. Learn more about turning on your furnace and the dangers involved.

The smart thing to do is to schedule a Lex Heating and Air Conditioning technician to come to your home to check, service and maintain your furnace at least once a year.

Three Common Reasons for Furnace System Failures

  1. A clogged or dirty filter. Filters not only help keep pollen and dust from circulating within your home, they also help your furnace work at top efficiency. A dirty or clogged filter makes the furnace work harder and/or less efficiently at heating your home. It also affects indoor air quality.
  2. A broken pilot light (for gas furnaces) or ignition switch (for electric furnaces). If your gas furnace is an older model, you may need to check each winter to see if your pilot light needs to be relit. A technician should inspect your electric furnace’s ignition switch to check for ignition control problems.
  3. Broken belts, bearings and motors. These breakages usually occur because your furnace isn’t being maintained properly. Unless a professional furnace repair technician examines your unit regularly, these parts as well as others can easily breakdown and, if they do, your furnace could stop working completely – and often just when you need it most – in a winter freeze.

If you’d like to schedule a check-up for your furnace or heat pump or if your furnace has stopped working, give us a call at (972) 466-1917 or send us a message via our online contact form.