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The Lex Air family business has helped Dallas residents and small businesses with A/C repairs for years. Our commitment to customer education and respect has earned ourselves a reputation, as a leader in implementing the latest HVAC techniques and green technologies combined with honest pricing and reliable service.

  • Most Common Reasons for A/C System Failures

    Refrigerant Leaks

    If your system is losing refrigerant there is a leak in the refrigerant circuit. We recommend that leaks be located and repaired. Leaking refrigerant can be dangerous to your family and detrimental to the environment.  Running a system on low or high refrigerant levels will also cause further damage to the system.

    Dirty Condenser or Filter

    Changing the filter is the most important maintenance task on an A/C system. Some homeowners might choose to clean their own condenser coil annually but this is best left to experts. To clean a coil properly the unit must be disassembled.

    Motor or Compressor Failure

    Electro-mechanical components are worked very hard in North Texas heat and eventually fail due to wear and tear. Of course, this process can be accelerated if coils and filters are dirty or if refrigerant levels aren’t correct. This failure is relatively expensive compared to other parts in an A/C system, so it is important to properly maintain units in order to keep your motors and compressors running as long as possible.

    Electronics Failure

    Manufacturers nowadays rely more and more on electronics when fabricating their units. From circuit boards to relays to thermostats, the chance of a electronics failure is quite common. Lex Air’s technicians are trained to diagnose these problems and get your A/C running as quickly as possible.

    Airflow Issues

    Many homeowners complain about noisy registers or insufficient airflow to certain parts of the house. Unfortunately, these problems typically occur during A/C installation, a result of poor duct design practices. A large percentage of houses suffer from improperly designed and installed duct systems.

  • Common Questions on A/C Repair

    Q: Should an A/C system be repaired or replaced?

    A: Lex Air analyzes the age of the system, probability of future repairs, efficiency of the unit, and potential energy savings to determine if a full A/C replacement is a better outcome.

    In most cases repair, even on old units, is the least expensive outcome. However, a unit that is far too old is likely very inefficient, and it might be better financially to fully replace you’re A/C system. Lex Air offers free equipment replacement quotes so you can easily determine which decision is best for your budget and expectations.

    Q: Is it possible to eliminate repairs?

    A: While it’s never possible to guarantee elimination of repairs, routine maintenance can definitely help.

    Lex Air offers maintenance programs that are designed to keep your air conditioner working longer and more efficiently. To keep your unit working properly, our technicians will inspect it for potential issues. Then, we will change the filter, clean the coils, blow out the drain line, and finish with any other maintenance that needs completed for optimum system performance.

    How does refrigerant impact repairs?

    We’re glad you asked. R-22 refrigerant, commonly known as freon is the primary coolant in most central air systems, even though the coolant is being phased out and will likely be unavailable after 2020. More environmentally friendly options are available, although special care is needed depending on the SEER rating of your indoor and outdoor system.

    Cory Contrears, Co-Owner of Lex Air Conditioning and Heating has written several articles on this topic and the complications that can occur when mixing SEER units with coolants.

    Be Prepared for Sticker Shock on Your A/C Repairs

    Be Cautious When Buying a Home with an Outdated HVAC System

Emergency A/C Repair

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Emergency AC Repair

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