A/C Maintenance and Tune-Ups to DFW Residents

When it comes to your air conditioning equipment, it is essential that it receives regular maintenance and service. Not only can a semi-annual inspection and maintenance program prevent many minor problems from escalating into larger issues, but it can also ensure equipment continues to operate even under the most demanding circumstances.

The weather in Dallas, Texas demands a lot from an air conditioning system. Dallas a Hot City
Dallas ranks fourth
in a list of hottest U.S. cities, and temperatures reaching into the triple digits are not uncommon. For the Dallas climate, Lex Air recommends one visit in the Spring and another visit in the Fall.

When maintenance is overlooked on an A/C system in Dallas, an air conditioner can fail, especially when you need it the most. In the summer heat, a poorly maintained air conditioner will run for longer periods of time, be less efficient, and is prone to breaking down, which could lead to a full replacement.

Common Signs an A/C is Due for Maintenance

  • Has it been more than a year since a full A/C inspection?
  • Are the electric bills significantly higher for the same months when compared year after year?
  • Are you paying significantly more in energy bills than your neighbors?
  • Does the A/C run constantly?

All of the above are signs that a full A/C tune-up and maintenance are needed. When equipment maintenance is routinely performed, you can expect safety, efficiency, comfort, better indoor air quality, and increased longevity. View a sample maintenance contract.

The Inspection Process

Lex Air’s certified A/C technicians will thoroughly test your system’s performance. Many A/C systems that are in need of maintenance operate at decreased cooling capacities and at the same time consume more energy. If any issues are found and corrected as a result of the maintenance inspection, the unit will cool your home better and more efficiently.

When inspecting your AC system for maintenance, often other small problems are discovered. Most require replacement of parts that technicians carry on hand, yet other times there is an early detection of refrigerant leaks. Both of these issues if left unsolved would lead to more costly repairs or possibly system replacement.  One benefit of routine maintenance is the prevention of costly repairs in the future.

Maintenance calls can sometimes reveal a system in constant decline. Instead of maintaining a broken system, Lex Air will provide a cost to benefit analysis of all your options. Often, repairs and maintenance costs on an older system can be higher than the cost and energy savings of a replacement AC unit. Lex Air works with homeowners and explains all options so that a well informed decision can be made.

Quality AC Maintenance in Dallas

Lex Air’s maintenance tune-up includes:

***Cooling Inspection***

  1. Check air filters
  2. Clean outdoor coil
  3. Check cleanliness of indoor coil. Advise customer when they need to be cleaned
  4. Check refrigerant pressures
  5. Check system superheat and subcooling
  6. Take voltage and amp draw measurements of compressors and fan motors
  7. Ensure compressor crankcase heater is operational
  8. Visually inspect unit for refrigerant leaks (signs of oil residue, etc.)
  9. Clear debris from electrical panel
  10. Check electrical components for signs of damage (such as contactors, relays, capacitors, circuit boards, etc.)
  11. Check operation of safety controls (low and high pressure cut-outs, etc.)
  12. Ensure operation of low ambient control if applicable
  13. Tighten electrical connections
  14. Record temperature differences across indoor and outdoor coils
  15. Check condensate pan for leaks.  Advise customer if it needs to be cleaned
  16. Check thermostat operation

When homeowners rely on Lex Air Conditioning for regular A/C tune-ups, the initial cost of maintenance is quickly paid back by savings in increased energy efficiency and comfort.

Repairs are competitively priced with competition. View a sample AC maintenance contract and contact Lex Air to schedule your AC maintenance today!