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HVAC Services

Heating, Air Conditioning and Ventilation – HVAC Services - throughout Dallas Fort Worth

Lex Air is located in Carrollton, TX but travels to Plano, Lewisville, Denton and more!

Customer satisfaction―that is the ultimate goal of Lex Air Conditioning. HVAC services have never been more reliable in DFW with this family-owned and operated business headquartered in Carrollton, Texas. In fact, Lex Air is highly recommended by customers consistently providing great service to Dallas and Fort Worth residents.Aside from air conditioning installation, the company also offers maintenance and heating equipment. Customers can expect genuine service and quality equipment at a fair price. As a family owned business: honesty, integrity and quality workmanship were taught to the current owners at a young age. Working with Lex Air’s HVAC contractors feels like working with a family, because we are a family business.

Top 10 Reasons to Choose Lex Air Conditioning and Heating

  1. Free estimates and quotes on air conditioning and heating installations.
  2. Same day service and installation throughout DFW
  3. 24-hour and 7-days-a-week HVAC services
  4. No additional fees for overtime work
  5. Extended labor warranties
  6. Telephone support available during operating hours
  7. State-registered technicians
  8. Texas-licensed business with full insurance
  9. Reliable and trustworthy service
  10. Family owned business operating for multiple generations

Residential HVAC Services

The company offers service for both residential and commercial establishments. Resident owners can always call (972) 466-1917 for emergency repairs, installation or routine maintenance.See what Lex Air Conditioning can do for your home:Provide reliable air for your family. Lex Air makes it a point to keep the mechanical and electrical components of your heating or air conditioning system clean and functional.• Lower your electrical bills. We provide free and expert advice if your system needs to be upgraded or if it simply needs routine maintenance. Our objective is to provide a system functioning in optimum condition all while being energy efficient.• Ultimate comfort for your family. Lex Air can guarantee to provide you with a higher level of comfort by always maintaining clean coils, filters and heat exchangers. Our recommended brands use variable speed fans, 2-stage compressors and humidity control.• Ensure your family receives healthy air. Indoor air has a great impact on your family’s well-being. Maintaining an excellent indoor air quality through clean system components ensures that your family stays healthy even if less fresh air enters your home.• Long-life for your air conditioning system. A well-maintained air conditioning system significantly lasts longer than a neglected one. Lex Air Conditioning can guarantee longevity for your residential comfort system, creating additional savings.

Commercial HVAC Services

Lex Air understands your needs as a place of business. We see the impact ventilation systems make to businesses. Our objective is to help lower your operating costs through efficient service and affordable maintenance. We provide our services from the smallest businesses to large corporations belonging to Fortune 500 and Fortune 1000 lists.Sign up on a commercial maintenance contract with Lex Air and receive the following benefits:Avoid costly repairs and major component replacement. As long as you sign a contract with our company, we will continuously provide you with scheduled unit inspections and coil cleanings. We also replace filters and belts damaged through wear and tear.• Avoid extended downtime. Air conditioning and heating systems do sometimes break down; however, it can be minimized if your system undergoes routine maintenance. Lex Air Conditioning can help increase efficiency and longevity that can certainly earn you more savings for your business.Lex Air Conditioning Air Conditioning Service is here to help you with your needs. Call us today at (972) 466-1917 and ask for a free quote.