Common Heating Problems and Causes

Top 3 Common Heating Problems and Causes

We are most definitely in cooler weather season and now it is time to start warming up our homes by putting our heating systems to work. Since we are already well into fall, most homeowners have already gone through the process of starting up their heating system and making sure … Continue reading

Change Your Air Filters Prevent Replacement

Prevent Air Conditioning Replacement by Changing Your Filters

One of the most important maintenance steps that a homeowner must take is routinely changing out their air conditioning filters. Most homeowners understand that changing your air conditioning filters helps to reduce the likelihood of requiring air conditioning repair service or air conditioner replacement.

How Often Should You Change Filters?

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Dallas HVAC repair- caring for your heat and air

Caring For Your Heat And Air

Have you ever suffered through a hot summer day without air conditioning? Most people would agree that the heating and air-conditioning system inside your house is an integral part of your quality of life. Without it, your family would be sleeping in front of the fireplace every night during the … Continue reading

Keeping You Breathing Comfortably in Your Home

Reducing allergens in the home is an important task to keep the household breathing comfortably. An overabundance of allergens in the home can leave the family sneezing, itching and coughing. Allergens can be anything from dust particles or mold all the way to dander from animals. There are a few … Continue reading

Is Your Home Properly Insulated?

Take a look at your heating or cooling bill. Is it more than $100 per month and you’re barely using any energy? If so, you may have an insulation problem that may need to be addressed immediately. Experts have shown that 25 percent of heat can be lost through a … Continue reading

Maintaining Your HVAC System

Your HVAC system may seem like a twisted enigma of ducts, vents and machinery, but it is not that difficult to maintain if you know how it works. With two units located inside and outside, a refrigerant flowing through the system is systematically pressurized between a liquid and gaseous state. … Continue reading

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