Common Heating Problems and Causes

Top 3 Common Heating Problems and Causes

We are most definitely in cooler weather season and now it is time to start warming up our homes by putting our heating systems to work. Since we are already well into fall, most homeowners have already gone through the process of starting up their heating system and making sure … Continue reading

Furnace Size For Your Home

Is Your Furnace Sized Properly to Your Home?

Three Ways to Calculate a Properly Sized Furnace

The process of sizing your home’s furnace is like buying clothes on the Internet. While “heaters have to be the right size…they’re more like socks than shoes: close is usually good enough.”

Assuming you avoid the ambiguity of shopping online altogether, what … Continue reading

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New Furnace Installation

Gas vs Electric Furnace Maintenance

As winter approaches, gas and electric furnace maintenance becomes a priority. Many of us are worried about reports that this year will be a record breaker, and several places in the U.S. have already recorded their earliest snowfall in decades. We have already had winter storms that have

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Turning on Heat In Dallas, TX

Turning On the Heat for the First Time

The cold weather came quickly this year, even for Dallas, TX. With our first freezing temperature hitting in early November, we are 10 days ahead of the normal schedule. The cold temperatures are expected to last through the week before warming back up for the rest of November. So take … Continue reading