Change Your Air Filters Prevent Replacement

Prevent Air Conditioning Replacement by Changing Your Filters

One of the most important maintenance steps that a homeowner must take is routinely changing out their air conditioning filters. Most homeowners understand that changing your air conditioning filters helps to reduce the likelihood of requiring air conditioning repair service or air conditioner replacement.

How Often Should You Change Filters?

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Turning on Heat In Dallas, TX

Turning On the Heat for the First Time

The cold weather came quickly this year, even for Dallas, TX. With our first freezing temperature hitting in early November, we are 10 days ahead of the normal schedule. The cold temperatures are expected to last through the week before warming back up for the rest of November. So take … Continue reading

10 Ways To Fight Indoor Allergies

It is estimated that 40 million people in America suffer from allergies. The sneezing, itchy, water eyes and congestion can be quite bothersome. The good news is that there are several things that you can do to alleviate indoor allergies. Below are some tips for alleviating indoor allergies:

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