Furnace Tune-Up

3 Reasons Your Furnace Needs an Annual Tune-up

Every year at about this time, families across Carrollton and the North Dallas area begin to fire up their furnaces and enjoy spending time inside of a well-heated home for the holidays. Many Texas homeowners focus so much on their air conditioning throughout the warm year, that the furnace and heating systems tend to fall to the wayside.

Your heating unit needs as much maintenance and TLC as your air conditioning unit. Costs to replace or repair a furnace can be very high. Here are three reasons why your furnace should always have an annual maintenance check and tune-up.

Maintenance Keeps Your Home Safe

It is obvious at this point that furnaces burn fuel to produce the heat that regulates the temperature of your home. This process must be precise in order to maintain the efficiency and safety of your furnace. The smallest problem with your furnace can lead to leaking gas in your home or high carbon monoxide levels. By not scheduling an annual tune-up for your furnace you are simply putting yourself and your family at risk.

Your local air conditioning and heating company will be able to quickly and efficiently uncover even the smallest inconsistency in your furnace’s combustion process. Keep your home safe this year and remember to tune-up.

Save on Numerous Levels with a Tune-Up

By performing an annual tune-up on your furnace, you are saving both time and money. Getting a furnace tune-up before the weather gets too cold saves you the time you would have to be waiting for a repairman to come fix your furnace when it has already broken down mid-winter.

Not only do you prevent this type of issue with a tune-up, but you also have the chance to save money through improved energy efficiency. During a tune-up, a furnace’s burner and heat exchanger need to be cleaned and inspected. By having this done on a routine basis, you will have an efficient unit all winter and will save money on your energy bill in the long-term.

Tune-Ups Maintain Your Manufacturer’s Warranty

Your heater is most likely under a manufacturer’s warranty. If so, this is an even bigger reason for you to get an annual tune-up. Most manufacturers will void their warranty if your heater is not regularly maintained. By having your furnace tuned-up on an annual basis, you are guaranteeing that your warranty will be able to remain intact. This will prove very helpful in the event that something goes terribly wrong and your furnace goes out, regardless of proper maintenance.

Lex Air Conditioning and Heating Want to Keep You Safe and Saving Money this Year!

If you are concerned that your heating system may not last the winter, it is not too late to schedule a furnace tune-up. The professionals at Lex Air Conditioning and Heating have the experience and skills to make sure that your furnace is running well throughout what can end up being a very cold winter. Call us today to find out about how to schedule maintenance on any of your air or heating units.

Furnace Repair in Winter

3 Warning Signs that Furnace Repair is In Your Future

If you live in a Plano home that relies on a furnace to provide its heat, then you already know the importance of your furnace working well. Especially during a cold winter, your home’s furnace is a key factor of your household’s comfort.

In the situation that your furnace fails, furnace replacement is not only a costly option, but it is one that ultimately leaves a family without sufficient heat from the time of removal to replacement with a new furnace.

Before having to pony up a large amount of cash for a replacement, it is wise to know the signs that your furnace is going out and needs to be repaired. As the air begins to chill, be on the lookout for these three warning signs that furnace repair is something you need to look into.

Burner Flame is Yellow

A furnace that is in proper condition will always burn a blue flame. Discoloration of the flame is a key indicator that something is wrong with your appliance. If your flame is burning yellow on your burner, this could be a sign that your furnace is producing carbon monoxide. Other signs of carbon monoxide include streaks of soot around the furnace, and rusting of flue pipes.

Knock Knock

When you turn your furnace on and notice that it begins to make some unfamiliar noises, this is a key indicator that it is either time for a furnace repair, or that your furnace has aged to the point that it has reached the end of its life.

Noises that are a sure sign that something is wrong with your furnace include:

  • Rattling
  • Popping
  • Banging
  • Knocking

Another thing to listen out for is your furnace’s blower. If you notice that your blower turns off and on by itself or blows cold air, call your local professional air conditioning and heating repair company.

Heating Bill Goes upYour Heating Bill Rises Unexpectedly

If you have had your home for a few years it becomes easy to determine what each of your bills will cost for the next month. If you receive your next gas bill and your payment has spiked drastically, then this is a red flag that something could be wrong with your furnace.

Keep in mind that there are numerous problems that could cause an unexpected bill increase, but a dramatic increase is always something to be wary of when furnace repair is on the table.

Need Furnace Repairs? Leave it to Lex AC

Lex Air Conditioning and Heating does not just focus on air conditioning. We also look into repairs for all of your heating and furnace problems.

Our company offers a quick response, the best customer service in Plano and promises a fair price for a job done efficiently. Call us today to find out more about our services and how your furnace problem can be solved before the cold air settles in.

Thankful for Air Conditioning

3 Reasons to Thank Your Air Conditioning Unit This Year

Thanksgiving season is here and we are all preparing to share what we are thankful for, this 2017 season. You will most likely hear some of the usual comments make their rounds at the table.

People are always thankful for jobs, livelihood, family, and friends. While they should be thankful for all of these things, a lesser thanked object is often left out of the conversation, your air conditioning and heating unit.

Your unit is with you day in and day out, all year. You may take your air conditioning for granted, but at Lex Air Conditioning where we spend our time repairing and replacing your HVAC systems, we believe that there are several reasons to thank your air conditioner this time of the year.

3. Your Air Conditioning Unit Continuously Pumps Fresh Air Throughout Your Home

Air quality is something that is seen as a given until it is poor and begins to take a toll on the family in a home. Your air conditioning unit is not just something that heats up and cools down your home, it is also a system that keeps you safe.

The air conditioning filters that are used on your system help block out pollutants like dirt, pollen, mold, and other allergens that could potentially make their way into a home. By filtering these problems out, your home Is kept comfortable and respiratory issue free.

Cost Efficient HVAC2. Cost Efficient

Although you do pay a regular bill that covers your air conditioning and heating expenses, unless something really goes wrong, and an air conditioning repair is required, your unit really doesn’t suck up too much cash for the job that it does.

It costs money to completely run a home, and luckily, modern HVAC systems are built to run smoothly, and cost efficient. The only thing you really need to remember is to routinely change your filters and run maintenance check-ups by Dallas professionals at least once a year. That is two things out of a whole system that works for you. That is truly something to be thankful for.

1, Your System Regulates the Temperature in Your Home

Yes, this is the most obvious point to make about your air conditioning and heating system. However, without your system, think about how your home would feel during the middle of a hot Texas summer or a frigid Texas winter. You would be living in the exact same temperatures inside as there are outside.

In modern society, comfort is king, and regulating the temperature is something that we can all stand behind as one of the main comforts in life.

Lex Air Conditioning Helps You Thank Your HVAC

If you are part of a family that is thankful for their air conditioning and heating unit this year, we have the best way to keep up the gratitude. Contact Lex Air Conditioning to schedule a heating maintenance check before the weather starts to really cool down.

Also, if you are dealing with HVAC problems that require repair or replacement, we have the expertise to assist you. Give us a call today to find out more about our services.

Common Heating Problems and Causes

Top 3 Common Heating Problems and Causes

We are most definitely in cooler weather season and now it is time to start warming up our homes by putting our heating systems to work. Since we are already well into fall, most homeowners have already gone through the process of starting up their heating system and making sure that it is in proper working order.

If you have not done so, fire up that system, because you won’t want to be caught without heat once the Texas air gets really chilly. Once you do start your heating system, keep an eye out for these common problems as it runs the first few days.

Areas of the House Are Not Heating

One common problem with modern heaters is that they unevenly spread out heat in the home. We have all experienced the situation where the bedroom is well heated, yet the living room is experiencing low heating sensations. This is never a fun situation, but luckily, it is not one that is too complex for a Carrollton homeowner.

If you notice your heating system having this problem, the first step towards a solution is to check the air filters for any dust or debris that might be causing any blockage. If, after you have cleared out your air filters and the problem persists, give your local air conditioning and heating repair company a call to come examine your unit.

Heating in Cold Room FailsCold Air Is Blowing Out of the Heater

If your heating unit is blowing out cold air, the first place to look is the thermostat and making sure that it is set to the right temperature to heat up your house. Also, check to see that your unit is turned on to “Auto” and not “Fan On.” The “Fan On” selection will have your fan blowing but not producing any heat.

One possible way to test this issue is to turn your thermostat up and see if there is a difference. Problems like this are usually caused by dirty air filters, leaky ducts, a malfunctioning pilot light, or lack of power.

Do You Smell Something Burning?

If you turn on your heater and smell a faint toasty aroma, that is usually dust burning up from the heating system not being in use for a year or so. However, if you continue to smell a strong burnt smell or see that your heater is smoking, this is a sign that something is very wrong.

Unplug your heater immediately and call your local HVAC repair company to have them come out for an inspection.

Lex Air Conditioning and Heating Keeps Your Family Warm this Season

If you have turned your heater on to some foul surprises, fear not this Halloween, call Lex Air Conditioning and Heating. When your unit isn’t working in the way that it should for your house, our licensed experts will be able to find the problem and solve it for you.

Our services come with a quick response, quality work, and at a fair price. Call us today for more information on a free quote.

Change Your Air Filters Prevent Replacement

Prevent Air Conditioning Replacement by Changing Your Filters

One of the most important maintenance steps that a homeowner must take is routinely changing out their air conditioning filters. Most homeowners understand that changing your air conditioning filters helps to reduce the likelihood of requiring air conditioning repair service or air conditioner replacement.

How Often Should You Change Filters?

The frequency with which you need to be changing your air filters at home depends on several different factors.  Most manufacturers usually recommend that you change your filters every 30 – 60 days. However, if you own a vacation home or are a single occupant with no pets or allergies, manufacturers recommend changing your filters every 6 – 12 months.

Some of the factors that determine when your filters need to be changed include:

  • The type of air filter you use
  • Indoor air quality
  • The number of pets in the home
  • Number of people in the home

Clogged Air Leads to Air Conditioning Repair Services

If you fail to change your air conditioning filters in a timely fashion, although your AC may technically work, you can’t see the clogs that are forming in your filter, forcing your unit to work into unnecessary overtime.

Clogged air filters cause major damage to your system that not only lead to air conditioning repair, but possibly air conditioner replacement. Remember, that two of the leading causes of an HVAC unit failing is dirt and neglect. The sad thing is that these issues are completely avoidable if homeowners keep track of their AC filter changing schedule.

Save Money by Changing Filters

When your air conditioning filters are clogged and your unit has to work twice as hard to keep your house cool, it is obvious that your electricity bill is going to be higher than you would wish. A dirty filter uses more energy than a new filter and by keeping your air conditioner clean, not only do you avoid air conditioning repair, but you also could see up to 15 percent in savings on utility costs.

Everyone Loves Clean AirEveryone Loves Clean Air

The clearest advantage to changing your air filter is that the simple maintenance step promises your family cleaner, fresher, and healthier air. Clean air is always better for everyone, but this is especially true for children and the elderly that may be residing in the home.

By not cleaning out your air filters you are exposing your loved ones to a constant flow of circulated dust, dust mites, and other particles in the air that could trigger allergies and asthma attacks. Keep your air clean and keep your family healthy.

Lex Air Conditioning and Heating Helps with Repairs and Maintenance

Sometimes even though you have stayed on top of standard AC maintenance, life happens and air conditioning repair or replacement becomes a reality for your household. If your home is currently in need of air conditioning installation or repair, give us a call today. We are prepared to provide you with prompt, efficient service.




Thermostat Tips for Fall Savings

4 Thermostat Tips to Save Energy This Fall

After what could have been a very expensive energy bill this summer, it is time to give your wallet and your AC unit a breather. Even if you are turning up the heat as fall and cooler weather roll in, there are some energy saving tips that we can offer.

Our main tips revolve around your thermostat use. Setting your thermostat is like setting a prediction for how high your energy bill will be the next month. Don’t fall into a money pit with the energy company, follow these simple tips from your Dallas air conditioning service company.

Don’t Be Afraid to Lower It

Whether you are going out for the evening or for a few days on a quick getaway, lowering your thermostat will help you save on heating this fall. On the longer trips, we recommend that you lower the thermostat to a cool 55 F. Keep in mind that a lower thermostat also helps you save on the energy costs that your refrigerator and freezer rack up each month.

If you are unsure how low to program your thermostat, try to reduce it by one degree at a time until you have found your comfort and saving zone at once.

Install a Programmable System

If personally keeping track of the temperature set on your AC unit’s thermostat is too much to handle, call your local air conditioning company to have them install a programmable set-back thermostat. Working with this type of technology in your home is not only easier on you, but it could help you save money on your energy bills this fall.

With a programmable set-back thermostat you can plan it so the heat turns up before you are awake, and cools down while you are asleep. Working on this type of a schedule could put you on track for saving between 5 and 10 percent on your heating bill depending on the temperature you have set your thermostat at.

Install Individual Thermostats

Not all Dallas homes are heated with gas, and this can be used to your advantage. If your residence is heated with electricity, you can have your local air conditioning repair company come to your home and install individual thermostats around the house. By installing individual thermostats, you could be saving quite a bit of money by not using up energy in the rooms that are rarely in use at your home.

Remember Body Heat

The seasons after summer usually bring about large holiday gatherings. From Halloween to winter celebrations, your home may be a hub for company. Keep in mind that each guest at your house is the equivalent of a 175-watt heating system and a large group of people will deem your heating unit unnecessary, saving you money.


Call Lex Air Conditioning and Heating for Installations

If you are eager to save money on your energy bill call Lex AC today. We offer commercial and residential HVAC services and will be happy to perform maintenance on your unit to ensure that it is prepared for fall. Get in touch with us to find out more ways to save this season.

Winterize Your AC this Fall

4 Tricks to Winterize Your AC Unit During the Fall

Summer has begun to grow distant for Texans and fall is now in the air. During the fall season we welcome flavored warm drinks, pumpkin treats, goblins, ghouls, and gobbling eats.

However, one thing that some Dallas homeowners may overlook is the health of their HVAC unit after the heat has tormented it for months. With winter coming on the heels of a short fall season, there are some tips that need to be followed to best prepare your AC to survive until spring.

Winterize Today

You may be prepping your pumpkins for Jack-O-Lanterns in October, but you should also get a head start on winterizing your home in preparation for below zero weather come winter. Some ways to prepare for the winter season include:

Although these may seem like standard procedures, they may be overlooked during the fall when an AC unit is no longer the key source of comfort.

Get A Maintenance Check-Up on The Calendar

In an effort to prevent emergency repairs and replacements on your air conditioning unit, homeowners should still keep up with scheduling a maintenance check-up every 3 to 4 months. During the fall, the check-up needs to be a little more specific and focus on issues like:

  • Cleaning the air ducts
  • Checking refrigerant
  • Test for seal leaks in ducts
  • Oil the motors
  • Check the accuracy of your thermostat
  • Measure the airflow of your unit’s evaporator coils

Turn Up the Heat

In preparation for winter, turning on the heat is key. You want to make sure that your heater works properly in the winter when you are going to need it. Keep in mind that when you turn It on during the fall you will smell a burnt smell. No need to call your local air conditioning repair company for this matter, it is only dust that is resting on the heating parts of your unit. The smell will subside, but remember, if the heat does not come on, get your air conditioning repair company on the phone before it is too late.

Check for Debris Around the Unit

Spring and summer are seasons that promote growth in the surrounding plants and trees around a home’s yard. Unfortunately, this is also the area where your condenser unit also rests and debris can most definitely begin to take formation and disrupt the efficiency of your system as winter approaches.

Take the time this fall to clear out this debris while the air is still tolerable. Your family will thank you for it come winter time.

Lex Air Conditioning and Heating Will Check Your Unit

If you are a homeowner, sometimes the rush of owning a home and managing your family can leave your AC and heating unit maintenance by the wayside. Call Lex AC and Heating today. We will send one of our licensed team members to your home to ensure that your unit is winter prepared.



Questions to ask during your central ac repair.

Questions to Ask During Your Central Air Conditioning Repair

During the hot summer months, our schedule fills up with central air conditioning repair appointments. Rarely do our customers know their air conditioning isn’t working until the heat kicks in and they need relief. Since you want to get the most out of your time with your central air conditioning repairman, here are a few things you’ll want to ask during the repair.

What’s the Warranty Like?

The intense Texas heat may make you forget to ask questions about the repair but it’s crucial that you do. When the AC repairman comes to your home or business, ask him or her what the warranty is on the fix, particularly if new parts are involved. If you find out you need a new central air conditioning system, knowing the warranty is even more important.

Many of the systems we sell and install at Lex Air Conditioning are from top-rated brands that have excellent warranty packages on them.


Should I Expect More Problems in the Future?

If your central air system has broken down once, you should know whether or not there could be more problems in the future. During your repair, ask the technician to look at the rest of the system and let you know if there are any foreseeable problems you should be budgeting for. Knowing ahead of time that something could break lets you start saving money in anticipation of the problem.

Is the Central AC Repair Energy Efficient?

Energy efficient systems and repairs are important not only for the environment but also for your wallet. Every year, air conditioning systems get more and more energy efficient, thus saving you money. Before the repair begins, ask your technician if the parts he or she is using have a high energy efficiency rating.

If you have to buy an entirely new system, also ask about tax credits and rebates regarding a new system installation. Many states offer tax breaks for air conditioning systems that are energy efficient.


Is the Problem Preventable?Summer AC Repair

Some things break down over time while others are preventable with proper maintenance. When the technician is working on your AC unit, ask what caused the problem and how you can prevent a similar problem from occurring in the future. They’ll be more than happy to share their knowledge with you!

Call Lex Air Conditioning for Repairs

When your central air conditioning system stops working, it can ruin your summer. Don’t let the heat get to you! Call us with all of your air conditioning repair needs. We’re professional and provide quality services to customers like you!

How to choose the right air conditioning brand this summer

Choosing the Right Air Conditioning Brand This Summer

Air conditioning in Dallas is a must-have for anyone who lives here during the summer months. AC is necessary for our personal comfort but also for our health. Many people suffer heat strokes during the summer simply because they need their air conditioner repaired. If you’re worried about choosing the right air conditioning brand for your home or business, then read on for our take on the best brands on the market.

Trane Air Conditioners

When we do residential or commercial air conditioning installation, we usually advise the customer as to what brand and product will give them the most bang for their buck. One of our top air conditioning units that always exceeds even our expectations are Trane air conditioners. We’re certified Trane Comfort Specialists that have been installing and repairing these kinds of units for years. They come with a great warranty and have a fantastic reputation among HVAC companies.

Honeywell Systems

To keep your home or business from being too hot or too cold, a control system has to be installed. One of the most energy efficient systems on the market are Honeywell products. At Lex Air, we install and maintain Honeywell systems to help keep energy costs down in commercial buildings and residential homes. New Honeywell thermostats also come equipped with the ability to connect to your smartphone via an app that will allow you to control internal temperatures even if you aren’t at home!

Amana HVAC Systems

For businesses or homeowners that have a strict budget but still want a quality HVAC system, we recommend choosing an Amana System. These units are less expensive than better known brands but they’re still a great buy! Air conditioning repair on these systems is usually a simple fix. We partner with Amana to provide quality service and maintenance to all of their customers.

Mitsubishi Electric

This is our most popular brand of ductless air conditioning solutions. We install and maintain these hard working wall-mounted AC units for customers who prefer cooling or heating their spaces in this manner. It’s a great alternative to traditional window units and performs far better.Stay Cool this Summer

Stay Cool This Summer

As the Dallas heat starts to kick in, you’re going to need a way to stay cool. Get in touch with our AC repairmen to schedule your air conditioning maintenance or to learn more about the brands and units we offer!

Central AC repair by Lex Air

Who Invented the First Air Conditioner and Other Surprising Facts

Anyone that’s ever lived in Texas knows that a functioning air conditioner is essential. Every summer we hear news reports of people having heat strokes due to the intense heat that the Dallas area brings us. Often times, these heat strokes are deadly. Your AC unit can literally be the difference between life and death. Anyone who enjoys the comforts of a cool home owes their gratitude to a few men who changed how modern society lives today.

Who Invented Air Conditioning?

Crude forms of air conditioning have been around for ages, however when Willis Carrier invented the first functioning air conditioning, it fundamentally changed how people lived. In 1902, Carrier was standing on a train platform in Pittsburgh when he realized that he could dry air by passing it through water to create fog, which would then allow him to control the moisture and humidity of the air. This invention is why we’re in the air conditioning repair business today.

The Carrier Brand went on to be a leading brand in air conditioning and made enjoying Texas summers possible. At Lex Air Conditioning Repair, we provide both commercial and residential HVAC services to property owners with AC repair needs. While Carrier invented the AC unit, we fix and install them for our customers.

Invention of Portable AC Units

Although Willis Carrier is largely credited with inventing the modern air conditioner, Frederick Jones, an African-American, invented the first portable air conditioning unit. His invention was used largely in field military hospitals keeping wounded soldiers comfortable while they recovered from injuries sustained while fighting. Jones had at least 60 patents on various inventions including refrigeration for food transport trucks.

Coining the Term “Air Conditioner”

Soon after Willis Carrier came out with his invention, a mill engineer named Stuart Cramer created a similar device that added moisture to the stale, hot air inside textile plants. He called is invention an “air conditioner” because it conditioned the air to be moist and cool. This device was installed in many mills and plants to make work environments more productive and easier to work in.

Air Conditioning Installation for Your Home or Business

If your commercial or residential property is in need of a new air conditioning unit, then let us help. Our air conditioning installation is fast and affordable for both businesses and homeowners. Don’t let the Texas heat ruin your summer, get in touch with us today!

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