trane comfot specialistLex Air Conditioning and Heating is a Trane Comfort Specialist and is highly qualified to install new Trane equipment. Most of our new systems also utilize Nexia thermostats and controls.

HVAC systems can easily be the most expensive home appliance purchase, making the warranty an important consideration. There are two types of warranty that may influence your purchase, commonly referred to as a parts warranty and labor warranty.

Parts Warranty

Although warranties differ between manufacturers, systems, models, and application, most new residential HVAC equipment come with a parts warranty of 5 to 10 years. It is important to understand that a parts warranty is honored by the unit manufacturer. For example, a unit with 10 year parts warranty means the manufacturer will replace any part that fails as a result of normal wear and tear at no cost to the homeowner for a period of up to 10 years.

The system must be properly maintained so as to not void the warranty, typically quarterly or yearly. There can be more stipulations outlined by the manufacturer, might also void the warranty. A homeowner should always read the manufacturer warranty certificate, to familiarize themselves with these conditions.

To provide the best customer experience, Lex Air provides all applicable user manuals, guides, and warranty coverage immediately following installation of new heating and cooling equipment. Should a part ever fail, Lex Air will return the part and switch it out for a new replacement part with the local distributor for a manufacturer.

Trane Registered Warranty Coverage

Most residential Trane units automatically receive a basic warranty of 5 years. Following registration within 60 days of installation, your Trane system will be eligible for additional warranty coverage. We will always remind you during installation to register the product, preventing a loss of additional coverage.

For Trane Air Conditioners/Heat Pumps (when registered):

  • 10 years on compressor (12 years for XV or XL series equipment)
  • 10 years on coils
  • 10 years on all other parts

For Trane Gas Furnaces (when registered):

  • 20 years on heat exchanger
  • 10 years on internal functional parts

For Nexia Controls (when registered):

  • 10 years

Labor Warranty

A labor warranty is provided by the HVAC contractor that installs your new system. Lex Air Conditioning and Heating gives a standard 2 year labor warranty on all new equipment installed in a residential application. This means that should any repair be needed within 2 years of installation, the customer does not pay any labor costs. Couple that with the parts warranty provided by the manufacturer and the customer pays nothing for a repair within the first two years of operation. Should a part need replacing after 5 years, the part would still be covered by the manufacturer, but the customer would be responsible for labor costs.

The labor warranty, however, does not include routine HVAC maintenance such as filter changes, coil cleaning, and check-ups. The cost for maintenance is minimal and also ensures that the manufacturer warranty will be honored for the full 10 years. Not to mention routine maintenance also keeps the system running as efficiently as possible and increases operating life.

Lex Air also offers extended labor warranties on every residential installation. Customers can add a fully insured and underwritten 10 year extended labor warranty to protect their investment and give them peace of mind. With this extended labor warranty in place, a customer is fully protected from potential part or labor costs as a result of a breakdown for up 10 years from the date of equipment installation. In short, this means the customer will not pay for an air conditioning repair bill for 10 years!